DR0901IR is a double fully automatic coiler with 1 or 2 strapping units, 4 or 6 straps per coil and simplified manual adjustments option.

  • Dripper Irrigation Pipes

    Diameters: 12-25 mm.

  • Garden Hoses

    Diameters: 12-32 mm.

  • Rubber Hoses

    Diameters: 12-32 mm.

Trouble Shooting
Special software to facilitate user interfacing with the machine.

High Speed Kit
Reduction of machine cycle times to further increase production capacity.

Compact Frame
Structure designed to reduce the size of the machine.

Strap & Stretch
Indicates the possibility for dual packaging options: PP strap and stretch/film wrap.

Air Injection
Special FB Balzanelli technology for coiling PVC pipes.

Modular System
Increase the level of automation over the years.

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