In the 1980s its founder, Vincenzo Balzanelli was a leader in the production of electrical conduits. Dissatisfied with the lack of automatic coilers on offer at that time, he felt the urge to design and build automatic coilers which are truly fast and reliable and capable of guaranteeing quality packaging. Since then a process of development and growth has been underway in the company’s production plant in Fano (Italy), over the years makingFB Balzanelli a leader in the market for automatic and semiautomatic coilers.

In fact, FB Balzanelli was the first ever to come up with the idea of an automatic coiler with opposing reels, then it incorporated a fully pneumatic strapper, and was also the first to introduce a special haul-off device to reduce ovalization, all of which is perfected with the inclusion of exclusive software.

Over the years, FB Balzanelli has conquered all the markets in which it has offered its automatic coilers and very own pipe packaging systems. This is why we can easily say that FB Balzanelli knows and understands only too well what the manufacturers of any kind of pipe really need: needs which translate into productivity, payback, efficiency and quality.

Currently under the leadership of Alessandro Balzanelli, today FB Balzanelli has become a reference company in the automatic pipe coiling and palletization sector, always keeping, or should we say improving, its only quality standards.
Today FB Balzanelli shows that it is always attentive to the new needs of the market and always seeks to find innovative solutions for its customers, thanks to continual research to increase the level of performance and reliability of all its coilers and palletizers.

Technology, Innovation, andQuality for Customer Care are the secrets to the success ofFB Balzanelli‘s automatic coilers and systems, the strong points which have led the market to recognize Balzanelli as an undisputed leader.

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