FB Balzanelli is a long-established company with extensive technological capabilities which has known how to successfully assert itself on the market as a reference point for automatic coiling machines.

FB Balzanelli’s mission has always been “Technology, Quality and Innovation at the Customer’s service”.
If you are a flexible pipe manufacturer or a production line builder, FB Balzanelli can supply you with automatic coilers for any type and size of pipe, to meet any extrusion speed and with any kind of coil packaging.

Years of experience, expertise and internationalization.

Experience: FB Balzanelli has been operating in the automatic coiling sector for over 30 years with almost one thousand of its machines installed and operating worldwide.
Expertise: ours is a dynamic and modern team with a high level of know-how in the coiling of any kind of pipe.
Internationalization: we have machines installed on every continent and we know and understand all the different markets and the importance of  supporting our customers at all times.

The main features of FB Balzanelli’s automatic coilers include the presence of two opposing reels (with all the undeniable benefits this set-up provides), the use of one or more strapping units and the possibility to include an anti-ovalization haul off system.

FB Balzanelli was the absolute forerunner in this type of machine construction which has allowed it to gain significant success and an important lead over its competitors.
With over 900 coilers installed worldwide, over the years FB Balzanelli has proved that it is a serious and reliable partner on the market and is always capable of supporting the customer to meet all his needs. This is why it offers itself as the partner of choice for the automatic coiling of plastic and non-plastic pipes.

Innovation is and always has been a company MUST.

In fact, FB Balzanelli invests a great deal in searching for innovative and reliable solutions in order to meet the most varied coiling needs and handle the finished coil. Continuous innovation and improvement, new challenges, new customer requests and new needs of the market have never intimidated FB Balzanelli but have always given the company an opportunity to shine over its competitors.

Automating production as much as possible (in other word, focusing on in-line production) means eliminating all those breaks and downtimes in the process, thus reducing direct and indirect production costs and increasing production volumes without necessarily having to extend the surface area of the production plant.
What’s more, compared to off-line production, automatic coiling makes it possible to get a return on initial investment in a very short time, thus guaranteeing optimum payback.
For particular specific productions or if requested by the customer or required by the product, FB Balzanelli can also offer off-line solutions, providing unwinders which operate at up to 250 m/min, compensators and automatic coilers which can operate at 250 m/min and with exceptionally high production rates.

The type of packaging FB Balzanelli is most frequently asked to provide, and is still the most popular, is the traditional packaging using straps (2-3-4-6-12 straps per coil depending on customer needs with the option of including intermediate straps).

For further packaging needs, FB Balzanelli also offers another two solutions using Strap&Stretch technology for those wishing to use straps and stretch wrap, or the Strap&Wrap solution for those who prefer to use heat-shrink film.  A packaging option using stretch film only is also available to customers who prefer this type of packaging.
Based on the type of product, customers can find the model which best meets their needs in the “WHAT DO YOU MAKE?” page.

FB Balzanelli machines are extremely safe and reliable and are always updated to meet the latest directives governing safety, thus guaranteeing maximum operating efficiency and optimum safety in the workplace.

FB Balzanelli has created a special company dedicated exclusively to post sales and customer care services: FB Service.

FB Service is made up of a team of expert technicians who guarantee constant customer assistance with short response times for both spare parts and technical assistance for software.

In order to create a production process which is as automated as possible, in other words in-line, FB Balzanelli designs and builds not only automatic coilers, but also palletizing and storage systems and can thus provide its customers with the maximum level of automation to complete production lines and consequently make production processes almost operator-free.
Furthermore, in partnership with Lunardon, it can also offer coating lines for multilayer PEX and copper pipes.

FB Balzanelli, in exclusive partnership with Lunardon, can also offer, install and provide assistance for semi-automatic coilers which are built by Lunardon.